2013 Day 2-Craig's meeting with Calvin

I was blessed today to be reunited with Calvin, one of our Habitat for Humanity friends.  Chris and I prayed for Calvin last year and I alone two years ago.  After experiencing the passing of his wife, Calvin was obviously in mourning and seeking the comfort of our Lord during our visit last year.  However, this year, his demeanor was much different.  Today, the Lord demonstrated his goodness as Calvin shared that God gave him a new wife, Kim, who he described as a nice Christian woman.  As Calvin shared about the joy in his life, he repeatedly acknowledged that God was good and despite difficulties, God helps him move forward day by day.  Calvin is selflessly providing for his new family; Kim, her two kids, and Kim's father.  Chris and I rejoiced at this beautiful testimony and seemingly renewed sense of purpose in the life of our friend.

To God be the glory for the great things He has done.

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