2013 Day 2-A good, but very very rainy day.

Called ahead to Paul to check if we were still on this morning. Storms dropped a lot of rain, but we were cleared for the morning.

Roy gave his devotional this morning, encouraging us to do all things for the glory of God. We put down the cameras and went to work....apparently without any morning stretches. We kept Heang away from Steve so that he'd learn "other" skills. 

While we were there Chris and Craig ran into Calvin, a friend we had met a few years ago. They had the opportunity to pray for him again. The threads of our lives keep interconnecting. The theme for this week seems to include seeing long term impact. Of a major storm's devastation, of Habitat's assistance in recovery, our friendships with people we've met every year. God continues to show us the big picture.

Buildin' and Workin'
Trying to stay ahead of the storm, we raised almost all four walls, and began sheeting them. 

Rain Rain, go away
The rain returned with strength. We quickly packed up all power related equipment, clearing the deck, and ducked under, and cut our workday by a few hours.

Since it was our last day on site, we prayed for it before we left. We prayed with/for our Americorps staff, and spent some time in silent prayer, blessing the home.

Happy Birthday Roy
After the storm, we went to Quakes for ice cream frozen custard. Pam said to make sure we identify it as such because Roy likes it better. Roy has celebrated his birthday for the last few years with us in Mississippi. Later, he told us as much as he loves his family and friends, it's been special experiencing it out here. Still don't understand why, when it's his birthday, he treats us.

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