2013 Day 4 Summary

Big. Diverse. Day

Women's Build
As mentioned before, Pam and Millie would be attending today's part of the Women's Build. Sending them off to get a ride with Denise was a bit like sending out our kids to their first day of school. We prayed for them and sent them out.

Turns out they helped in some pseudo-leadership roles, taking their skills that they had learned from the other team members over the years.

Interestingly, Millie was interviewed by the local news station and spoke of her faith

They had a great time and enjoyed getting to know their fellow workers, and they represented our team on the house we've been working on this week.

Miss Peggy and Miss Rhonda
The remainder of the team was split over two sites, Miss Peggy's and Miss Rhonda's

Miss Rhonda lives by herself in her childhood home. Her parents passed away close together and now she is trying to get her house in better shape. She is already energy conscious but with this weatherization program, she will be benefiting immediately from technology that will reduce her utility bill. We found out that she loves cats and turtles. Yes, she connected with Steve and Shirley, our resident turtle owners. Miss Rhonda's going to be volunteering tomorrow at the women's group

The rest of the team stayed at Miss Peggy's, the home we worked on yesterday. We continued working in the attic and doing other weatherizing improvements. For the second day in a row, we were treated to a scrumptious meal. She cooked us Catfish, Spaghetti, Ribs and Chicken as well as a dessert.  We also gifted her with an attic ladder to replace the broken one we had been using.

We ended the evening with a time of sharing and worship. It was a great day. We commented that although it is fun and exciting to work on building a new home, the intimacy we feel while working on occupied home-rehabs far outweighs our initial trepidation.

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