2013 - Reflection from Tommy, the day after returning

Tommy has been on every trip we've made to Mississippi

As he returned to work today, he took a few moments to write to the team, and then allowed us to share it with you

If you only have 5 seconds to read this please wait until you have at least 5 minutes.
These are some rambling thoughts about our trip and I hope that you’ll be able to lift up some prayers as you are reminded of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

First  - thank you all for your part in a glorious trip.  You each contributed  and I mean really contributed.
The word the Lord gave me for this trip was freedom.  At first I thought it would be for me – that I would have a freedom to enjoy, minister, work, engage, worship and pray.  As it turned out I think freedom summarized our entire team.  We were able to freely obey what the Lord had us do.  Even when we didn’t, we acknowledged it, confessed it and freely moved on and obeyed the next time.  We didn’t abuse the grace given, but let it grow us.  I woke up early this morning on Mississippi time, but more in Mississippi spirit – that is with joy in my heart even though I was going back to work alone, not surrounded by my beautiful, supportive and joyful teammates.  There was somewhat of an emptiness as I began my drive on the crowded 405, but earlier the chorus to the song “Jesus, Thank You” kept running through my head.

Your blood has washed away my sin
Jesus, thank you
The Father’s wrath completely satisfied
Jesus, thank you
Once Your enemy, now seated at Your table
Jesus, thank you

I long to be seated at the plastic dinner table with our Lord manifested in each of you.
I long to be co-laboring (co-sweating in the attic) working beside my Jesus inhabited teammates.
I long to be laughing and eating ice cream at quakes with my joy filled and loving brothers and sisters.
I long for the talks, prayers and worship.

Jesus thank you that you gave (and give) us freedom.
Jesus thank you for creating wonderful lifelong memories that make us miss what we experienced.
Jesus thank you for grace that allows us to even be a part of all this.
Jesus thank you for the privilege of ministering in Your name.
Jesus thank you – and thank y’all for being Jesus to me.
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