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Katrina 2013 Final Presentation Video is up!

Katrina 2013 Final Presentation VideoWas it a dream? Were you really experiencing the presentation? or were you just taking a nap? Or maybe you weren't able to join us... Relive the Full Presentation in this video, featuring sharing from team members Craig Kakihara, Heang Chov, and Steve Ogata and a multimedia presentation by Gary Murakami, this presentation reflected on God's goodness, favor, and blessing on this year's team and the homeowners we encountered.The Katrina Gulf Coast Relief Team for 2013 gave a final presentation to family, friends, and supporters on June 9, 2013 By the way, it's kind of an Easter Egg/ hidden treasure (of sorts), but there's a segment in the video that Gary made for the presentation that features some worship/singing during the photo/video montage. When listening to it, it sounded like a normal recording, but oddly familiar.Gary had taken a recording of our team's worship time (our own singing) and mixed it with an instrumental…

2013 Presentation video

Thanks again to Gary for another fantastic video for our presentation


If you want the direct link...

Katrina 2013 Slideshow from SGV Habitat on Vimeo.

Bittersweet weekend

Our Presentation
This weekend, we're having our Mission presentation at church, of which you're all welcome. We know we'll have plenty of video and posts in the next few days for those of you that are unable to attend.

It's Sunday (June 9th) at 1230 at the church..

Unfortunately, it's also the weekend that we lay to rest our friend and brother, Ron Nakamura

A man with a big voice, big laugh and big heart, he is singing with Jesus at this moment. Of the many things in his life, including his marriage to Janis and raising two daughters, Ron also joined our team to work in Pascagoula, MS

After his trip, he continued correspondence with our site supervisors Brad and Denise, stretching the friendship over the years and miles. In fact, when we've met up with either of them, Ron's name would come up in the first few minutes.

Over the life of our mission, we've lost two brothers and team members, first our leader from our very first trip, Dennis, and this we…