Katrina 2013 Final Presentation Video is up!

Katrina 2013 Final Presentation Video

Was it a dream? Were you really experiencing the presentation? or were you just taking a nap? Or maybe you weren't able to join us...

Relive the Full Presentation in this video, featuring sharing from team members Craig Kakihara, Heang Chov, and Steve Ogata and a multimedia presentation by Gary Murakami, this presentation reflected on God's goodness, favor, and blessing on this year's team and the homeowners we encountered.

The Katrina Gulf Coast Relief Team for 2013 gave a final presentation to family, friends, and supporters on June 9, 2013 

By the way, it's kind of an Easter Egg/ hidden treasure (of sorts), but there's a segment in the video that Gary made for the presentation that features some worship/singing during the photo/video montage. When listening to it, it sounded like a normal recording, but oddly familiar.

Gary had taken a recording of our team's worship time (our own singing) and mixed it with an instrumental-track of the same song. This meant matching keys, pitch, and even splicing our voices so it matched the timing of the original professional track. 

I have to applaud Gary's technical, artistic and creative efforts. I'm sure he would say it is a labor of love, (some would say obsession), but all kidding aside, I'm both impressed and touched by the effort...

Katrina 2013 Final Presentation from SGV Habitat on Vimeo.
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