New destination, same goal

Oklahoma City here we come!

2013 marked the official end of our trips to Biloxi, MS, but our hearts are always with them. Members of our team have facebooked, communicated and visited Mississipi, and we have made heartfelt friends from our experience in Habitat.

But 9 years after Hurricane Katrina's destruction hit the shores of the Gulf Coast, we have decided to turn our attention to another region of the US, Tornado Alley.

2013 saw the impact of tornado destruction in Moore, OK, only a few miles from downtown Oklahoma City (OKC) We will be sending an exploratory team to investigate building relationships with faith-based relief providers to this region.

Since this will be our first trip to the region, we will be taking "veterans" of previous relief trips to help prayerfully evaluate our opportunities to serve.

Is our goal specifically to serve tornado victims? 
No, not exclusively. Our goal is to serve God by serving people wherever He calls.

While we are responding to the recent tornado activity, we will serve in whatever way we can to help. We take with us our heart, skills and available time and look forward to what's next.

Moore and More
Currently we are scheduled to partner once again with the local Habitat for Humanity and possibly will be working on their Rebuild Moore and More efforts. But just like most any service project, no one will know what we'll be doing until we're practically there. But that's okay, we've got a flexible team.

We are scheduled to travel near the end of April, beginning of May for one week of service.

We'll have more information available, and if you'd like to receive an information/support letter, feel free to email us directly, but we'll have it available in the coming weeks.

Who's going?
A final team list will be available soon, but it is a co-ed team comprised of past team members.

More information?
Fortunately/coincidentally/providentially, we'll be serving with Habitat for Humanity in OKC this year, but regardless of what organization(s) we work with, we'll keep the info at this blog site,

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