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OKC 2014 Day 3

Totally beat tired.

Roy is OK, on antibiotics and showing incredible patience, humility and strength as he finds work to do with one hand.

Met Jeff, a contractor who's been volunteering his time to Habitat for Humanity for a few weeks now. Really nice, humorous and spiritual man. Actually, he helped rebuild Grace Place Church and helped them get up and running.

Met a couple people today (including Jeff) that happened to be in Los Angeles, during the time of the LA Riots.

Grew to appreciate Jose (Site supervisor)'s significant speed in putting up the decking/roof.

Someone found out that Paul was a site supervisor in Mississippi, and he was soon put to work...

Going to let the video speak for itself.

Here's the photoshow!

Quickie Autoawesome Movie from Day 2

On our way to worksite for our second day of work.

Yours truly set his alarm on his computer tablet, unfortunately it was still on Pacific time, so it was 2 hours late to wake him up.

Teamwork-wise, Tommy made me my lunch for the day, so thanks for teamwork.

It's colder today than tomorrow. 46 degrees at this moment.

and a repeat of our recap from yesterday

Day 2 first day of work. Recap. Hello Yukon, OK

Okay, here's our work site for the foreseeable future

Google Maps

We don't really have a GPS-able address for our work site. It's in a new development

A lot of little happened today, enjoy the recap video:

Morning Pam delivered a wonderful devotional, that we have featured here..

Had briefing at the Habitat office. Learned a lot about what's going on locally. Approximately half of their load is meeting needs of tornado victims as well as supporting their ongoing typical low income housing. Usually volunteers request to work on tornado housing, they were happy that we made it clear we just wanted to work however was needed.

Homes are sold at low interest loans, at cost, even though the appraised value will be higher. Homeowners have to keep the house for 10 years before they can have it 100% released to them from Habitat. Some homes being sold at $80K, including property, but they will be appraised at a higher value. Currently have 16 active builds (that's a lot). We…

Day 2 - first work day on site. Quick Note

Busy day
Cold cold day
was a bit of a crazy day


Day 2 . first day at work site

Area called Yukon, okWrapping house
Roof decking Cold

Day 1 - Scouting Report

Awana and JeffThe church we're staying at, hosts an Awana group, a children's ministry. Some of us thought it was named after a native american word or something, but the founders of Awana derived the Awana name from the first letters of "Approved workmen are not ashamed" as taken from 2 Timothy 2:15 of the Bible.

An early morning breakfast and a devotional from Jeff, that was coincidentally based on 2 Timothy 2:15. he didn't know why we were smiling, as he wasn't part of our discussion from the night before.

Skip and RRR We chose to pack into one big church van to make our rounds in meeting some of the local organizations.. Pastor Matt and Mike introduced us to Skip of RRR ranch, a pretty passionate man of God that genuinely loves trying to serve. He has some pretty creative projects going on at the ranch to help out people in crisis.

Frank and Lorraine We also met Frank and Lorraine, victims of the recent hurricane. Tough story. Their home had originally b…

Sad and timely news

FamilyLife is a Christian Ministry with staff in Arkansas. Yesterday, they lost a staff member and two of his daughters in the tornado that touched down.

Here is a reprint of an email that was released.

A day of extreme emotions here at FamilyLife.He died as he lived … protecting his family.
Rob Tittle, a FamilyLife staff member and kindred spirit warrior for the family, died last night in the tornado that crushed parts of central Arkansas.  Two of his daughters—Tori, age 20, and Rebekah, 14—were among the 14 killed in the storm.Rob, 48, and his wife Kerry, had heard the tornado warnings and were shepherding their nine children under a stairwell when the tornado disintegrated their home.  Rob was doing what a man does—putting his family first—when the twister hit.All that is left is a grim grey slab of concrete.

Whitney Tittle, age 19, posted this on Facebook: “This is Whitney from a friend’s house, my mom, and my six brothers/sisters are alright.  We have lost three of our family … Dad, …

Memorial visit

After meeting with a couple partner associations, going to memorial.Very rainy at times.Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

OKC 2014 Day 0 - Recap: Send Off, Touch Down, Round Up, Chow Down, Break Camp

The Bad News Just as we're here to assist in a region devastated by tornadoes, they have a flurry of activity today. Apparently 12 died in tornado activity.
The Good News. We're fine. Untouched, but it still kind of puts things in perspective.
Millie asked about precautions in case of a tornado, and we were told to heed the warnings very seriously, and given some advice including to go to the center of a building

Your recap video and slide show:
Click here for Slideshow
Send Off It was a little different today. Our commissioning was part of a very "unplugged", low-key, Pastor-Cory-only service. He did the worship (singing) a capella (a rarity) and it had a very low key feel to the whole service. Even when we went up front to receive prayer, it seemed very laid back and casual.

Although it's typical for our individual support groups to go to the airport with us, since we were leaving directly from church, we made it easy for them. We had our support group prayer t…

Waiting for paul...

Paul is joining us from Mississippi. Flight arrives a bit delayed....Tommy, Roy and peter wait for our honored guest while the rest of the team make the initial Walmart run and stop by Hilltop Baptist Church, our home for the weekWe'll be dining at Vanspigstand. Apparently its owned by good friends of Hilltop baptist pastor's parents....The restaurant got damaged in the recent tornado in Moore, and they just recently rebuilt and reopened a few months agoIt seems like a familiar story like The Shed in Mississippi.So dinner tonight will be with all the members of the team including Paul and our host, the pastor's family of Hilltop Baptist

Just landed in okc

Just one leg makes a difference. Much less fatiguing than a red eye ...
Landed, bathroom break and then a prayer of thanksgiving for safe travelWe're learning to make our immediate thanksgiving prayer just that and not our usual dissemination of info as well....A couple times in Mississippi, we got down to luggage claim so late they took our bags off the belt and stored them....Old dogs can learn new tricksCraig's devotional was from Colossians 3  that we should serve in Gods name. In humility. Part of our history in Mississippi was serving as much as we could. We'll try to do the same here....

On plane

Just got on the plane. Thanks to the well wishers at church and the diehards that came all the way out to LaxNice to not have a layover, but plane is two seats on either side of the aisle.Craig deftly packed his stuff into a carry on but TSA made him check it in. But everyone's on board and ready to go. Looking forward to seeing paul again. Pushing back out of terminal. Gotta go!

2014 Flight info and Weather warning

Flight InfoWe'll be commissioned at church tomorrow morning, then a quick dash off to LAX for our flight. Unlike prior years, where we'd take a late night flight, this one leaves closer to noon.

For those that are interested, we'll be flying 
Flying to OKC: UAL Departing LAXSunday, April 27 at 12:53 PM. arriving OKC5:40 PM(UA6442)

Return flight : UAL Departing OKC Sunday, May 4 at 4:45 PM. arriving LAX 6:00 PM (UA6535) Weather WarningOKC has had some severe weather warnings for the last couple of days, and then this came across from accuweather :

A multiple-day outbreak of severe thunderstorms, including tornadoes, is set to begin Saturday night. The outbreak is likely to be the worst of the season so far and may end up being one of the top severe weather events for the season.While the 2014 severe weather season has gotten off to an unusually quiet start, a strong surge in severe weather is forecast for the balance of this weekend.People will need to keep a close eye on the we…

Throwback Thursday

Even as we prepare for OKC, saw a flyer from the Habitat Affiliate in Mississippi featuring our very own Millie and Pam, working on the women's build from 2013!

2014 Children's Message

Lorin led the Children's message At Evergreen SGV, we have the kids be part of our main church service. We like our families to worship together, so that the kids understand that their experience is shared with their parents.

One of the way to appreciate them being part of our general service is a special message directed right at the kids. The adults usually get a lot out of it too :)

Lorin's comfort with the kids and sweet side is evident in her teaching.

And.. Jeff was a good sport :)

Oklahoma Relief Scout Team 2014 Children's Message from SGV Habitat on Vimeo.

Our Oklahoma home

Our Oklahoma Home While staying in OKC, the plan is to be housed at Hilltop Baptist Church/ They have converted part of their church into housing for volunteers such as us.
We'll have cots and laundry facilities, so yes, it'll be a familar set-up for us, maybe even more than it'll be familiar to our hosts.
They were kind enough to send us some preview photos.

2014 Link to support us in prayer or finances

We now have the possibility for you to respond online!
Only took us 7 trips to offer it to you! :)

You can click your way to supporting us in prayer and/or financially.. We appreciate your support, and we hope you appreciate the convenience!