Day 2 first day of work. Recap. Hello Yukon, OK

Okay, here's our work site for the foreseeable future

Google Maps

We don't really have a GPS-able address for our work site. It's in a new development

A lot of little happened today, enjoy the recap video:


Pam delivered a wonderful devotional, that we have featured here..

Had briefing at the Habitat office. Learned a lot about what's going on locally. Approximately half of their load is meeting needs of tornado victims as well as supporting their ongoing typical low income housing. Usually volunteers request to work on tornado housing, they were happy that we made it clear we just wanted to work however was needed.

Homes are sold at low interest loans, at cost, even though the appraised value will be higher. Homeowners have to keep the house for 10 years before they can have it 100% released to them from Habitat. Some homes being sold at $80K, including property, but they will be appraised at a higher value. Currently have 16 active builds (that's a lot). We continue to be impressed with how well Habitat is run.


Arrived at site. Two homes, "regular" (not tornado relief) homes.  Part of Yukon, OK.
We're wrapping the walls for the brick work (not finishing with OSB), putting up soffits, window installation, Sawzall work and more..

Oh, and the portable toilet started out on its side. We righted it and positioned it well.


Pam and Art visited with Pam's uncle, here from OKC
and Tommy's car dropped Peter off to meet his High School friend. Apparently both meetings went nicely, and now Pam's uncle will be supplying us with food on Saturday

Dinner and injuries

Pam, Art and Peter had dinners with their respective family/friends, and the rest of the team retired back to the church.
During dinner, it was decided that one of our team members had an injury that wasn't healing better than expected for him . Half the team took him to the emergency room/urgent care to have it looked at. Pray for him, and know he's feeling better now.

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