OKC 2014 Day 0 - Recap: Send Off, Touch Down, Round Up, Chow Down, Break Camp

The Bad News

Just as we're here to assist in a region devastated by tornadoes, they have a flurry of activity today. Apparently 12 died in tornado activity.

The Good News.

We're fine. Untouched, but it still kind of puts things in perspective.
Millie asked about precautions in case of a tornado, and we were told to heed the warnings very seriously, and given some advice including to go to the center of a building

Your recap video and slide show:

Send Off

It was a little different today. Our commissioning was part of a very "unplugged", low-key, Pastor-Cory-only service. He did the worship (singing) a capella (a rarity) and it had a very low key feel to the whole service. Even when we went up front to receive prayer, it seemed very laid back and casual.

Although it's typical for our individual support groups to go to the airport with us, since we were leaving directly from church, we made it easy for them. We had our support group prayer time right after the 8:00 service at church itself. No driving, no dodging luggage carts at LAX, very nice, very simple.

A few dedicated supporters came to LAX to see us off, but apparently some of them had ulterior motives, including visiting Britt's out in El Segundo. We don't blame them.

Touch Down, Round Up

...in Oklahoma City, we split up our team to two vans that went to Walmart for supplies, then to Hilltop Baptist to meet Pastor Matt and his family, and meet us for dinner.

A small trio waited for Paul to fly in from Mississippi, working as part of a missionary leave that Habitat workers get. We're honored that his leaders allowed him to join us, and he chose us as his first missionary leave.

Chow Down

...at Van's Pig Stand, owned by a family associated with Pastor Matt's family. Food was good and plentiful. We left too late to get our Uncle-Roy-Ice-Cream, but we made it back to the church in time to...

Break Camp

Got a tour of the facility. It's basically an old school, including a large gym with a couple of showers. So much is provided for us: toiletries, towels and much more. Our facilities are nice and clean, although a few of the guys opted to leave our room and sleep in the gym.

Long day of touring sites and meeting organizations tomorrow!

Thanks for your support!

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