Moore, OK one year later

It's been a year

A year ago today, a tornado touched down in Moore, OK.

Lives were lost, many homes damaged and just a little bit more fear came upon a community.

Living in California, it was devastating and horrific to see an elementary school flattened and children separated from their frightened parents. But to live it, to live through it would be hard.

We worked on the very ground that houses had been destroyed. We stood right by a twisted tree that was the only thing remaining from a neighborhood. It affects your heart. It's no longer abstract, because you stood on the soil.

Oklahoma Strong

Less than a month ago, we had the opportunity to experience "Oklahoma Strong" first hand. We shared and hammered side by side survivors or neighbors of the tornado. We worked in winds that didn't even cause the locals to blink.

The people of Oklahoma are indeed strong, and they're trying to pool their strength and resources to weather this and other tragedies that have impacted the area. The community is better able to respond to similar crises, the building codes are stronger so that maybe there will be less tragedies.

Restoring Hope, Rebuilding Lives

But that only gets you so far. There's only so much you can only convince yourself that everything will be okay, or that your building will be strong enough. There comes a time for faith and hope. As mentioned before, our friends at Crossings Community blessed all of our team with free tshirts "Restoring Hope, Rebuilding Lives." And when you look at the shirt, the main thing you see is "Hope Lives."

And hopefully that's the main thing the community and we will remember. This is bigger than a tornado, it's the other challenges that happen to families and communities.

And that's why we came out. Because our area wasn't devastated by the tornado, we can come and help. Not just with hammers, but with hope, prayers, concern and sweat. For our team,we still keep our eye on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and think of families and friends met there. Now the same is true for Oklahoma.

And we take pause today a year after a tragic event, and we leave it in the hopeful hands of the One who sent us, our God.
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