OKC 2014 Day 5 Recap

Same site as yesterday, with Jose and Adrian

We opened with Kelly's devotional on being a sweet fragrance (2Cor 2:15)
Jose joined us for the devotional, he really is quite sociable after you get to know him :)

Soon after it, it was a day of joist hangers, rat runs, subfascia and roof decking.

At the end of the day, it was likely the last day on this site, tomorrow, we are scheduled to work with another group at another location. A quick prayer, and we were on our way to meet with the Samaritan's Purse group

Samaritan's Purse

Samaritan's purse (SP) is most often know for "Operation Christmas Child" as well as rapid response to natural disasters with their disaster relief projects. Members of our team have worked with them in New Jersey and several times in California. 
Rebuilding communities is more after-disaster support where approved applicants will have their homes rebuilt by Samaritan's purse. The program in the US works only with homeowners (not renters), and often all this work is done for free. 
Teams are limited to 10 at a time, so our larger groups might have to be adjusted should we work with them. Also, since their focus is more about disaster relief and rapid response, they might pull out of an area within a year or so as they feel the recovery has taken hold.

We had dinner with SP Volunteers and staff at their OKC facility and spent some time trying to gather information. We also had the opportunity to pray with them Program Director Michael and his wife Gianna as well as volunteer director, Karen.

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