OKC 2014 Day 6 - End of Job

Today was our last day on a work site.

Tomorrow it's church, then to the airport.

Moore OK

Google Maps Streetview in previous years
Started the day a bit behind schedule. We had the right address, but just the start time we had was 830a, but there was a group already on site by 8am.

We were told that we'd be working on a tornado work site with another organization with a team of 30. We had no idea what to expect, but some of us were not looking forward to it.

Two things we quickly found out
a) our job site was only a few blocks away from Towers elementary
b) we'd be working side by side Crossings Community Church

To be honest, there was some feeling that it'd probably be a crowded site, but we were greeted with warm smiles, a free lunch and some incredibly great fellowship. They even gave us some of their tshirts

We met a number of people. including Steve, who was filming video for the church, and will be hoping to produce a video detailing all the work they're doing for rebuilding OKC.

Many of our team spoke with their church members and were impressed with their kindness, heart and focus. They seemed like good people with good focus. And they were fun too!

Click here for the Photo Album for the day


Another person we met was Dawn, the homeowner. It was humbling to see Dawn standing against a backdrop of the missing houses and big sky area behind them. She told us her story, that she had been at work, and the kids were in the elementary school right before it went down.

We toured the area and saw the rebuilt school. It's gone from not having any tornado shelter to now the entire school is rated as tornado shelter.

Dinner and debrief

Later in the evening , it was time for a debrief. But first a dinner brought by pam's uncle who lives in the area. He and his wife home cooked and brought us a multicourse meal at Hilltop Baptist. The home style food was much appreciate and a blast of asian cuisine! 

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