Paul, the only newbie and his reflection on the week

Paul had been our site supervisor in Mississippi for years. 

Within moments of meeting him, we became fast friends. His care for us volunteers and partner families alike, his professionalism and his spiritual life spoke louder than any Habitat brochure. But friendship turned to family, and Paul chose to make his first missionary trip for Habitat to be with us for our week of service.

The only newbie on our "scout" team, he came with the most experience and unique point of view

This last week reminded me of the beauty of the unity the Spirit of Christ creates among those He holds. I am deeply thankful for the relationships we have built in His grace that continue to grow as we give ourselves to time together, united in the goal of being His hands and feet.

I certainly had moments of frustration and fatigue on the trip, but each time encountered encouragement from others who were resting in the joy of the Lord. It leads me to wonder that in those times I was able to rest, God was able to encourage through me. I think it is pretty cool in how fluid and complete the Spirit's work is in and among the saints.

Besides the spiritual side of my experience, I was reminded of the satisfaction I receive in the work of helping others recover from a disaster, using the skills one has, no matter the level. It is a deep joy to help others get back to normal, yet hopefully encouraged and built up in Christ. It was awful and awesome to hear the stories of loss and redemption from those affected by the tornado. I was reminded that our lives are so fragile and yet, His Hand is a never tiring hand, holding our lives together even when they seem to be falling apart.

I look forward to, God willing, being able to serve along side any and all of ya'll in the future
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