Steve's "The Devo I didn't do"

Every morning, and most evenings, our team would do a "Devo," short for devotional, a short teaching or reflection, followed with prayer. It's a way to learn from each other and from the Bible.

Most all team members were assigned a slot, but sometimes, because of circumstances, we had to skip it.

Steve was the team's "medic," watching over us in injury or ailment. It was also his 8th trip with the team.

Tommy and Steve


Because of a timing miscommunication, our team was late to the job site on Saturday, the last day of work, and the morning I was scheduled to deliver the devotional message. I wasn't sure if I would be addressing fifty or so more folks from Crossings Community, the local mega-church in OKC also scheduled to work the build, so some of the inside humor and sarcasm I would have omitted. But here it is in writing...
A good rule of thumb when speaking to adults is that a message should best contain three (3) points. When addressing children, you should focus on just one (1) point. For this group, I figure a good compromise would be two (2) points. You know, somewhere in between.
Point 1 - Just because those close to you are doing something wrong is never a reason for you to also do wrong. My job at both houses the first couple of days this week was to remove the thresholds from all the door openings. A threshold is the portion of the two by four lying on the floor that must be cut out before installing the drywall that will eventually become the door opening. But before I removed the threshold, I needed to make sure that the studs on both sides of the opening were plumb. A problem arose when I noticed one particular stud was not straight, but nailed in at an angle. I was not sure if I should cut the threshold straight across, or follow the angle of the mis-nailed stud.
One of my rules on this trip when I don't know something is to ask either Gary or Tommy. Gary, AKA "Mr Interweb" is helpful in discovering general information and to settle disagreements as to fact. Tommy is good for construction knowledge as well as spiritual insight. Tommy's answer was that just because the stud was position incorrectly is no reason to cut the threshold incorrectly as well. I said, "Hey, that is a good metaphor for life." And also Point 1.
Steve working on the thresholds
Point 2 - You can find joy in almost all things. As you know, on Tuesday, Uncle Roy smashed in his middle finger not once, not twice, but three times. The first hit was around noon, but by dinner, it still had not stopped bleeding. I found this can of blood clotting spray and I told Roy that if this doesn't work, we're going to Emergency. Two hours later, we pulled into the St Anthony's ER. When the nurse called Roy's name, Millie and I went with him into the examination room. I can't share everything that happened in there because it is kind of graphic to some folks, but suffice it to say that Roy is a funny guy...even while getting his finger injected multiple times with anesthetic, even while getting his fingernail cut out with scissors, even while getting his nail bed cauterized with silver nitrate and even while getting a stitch to close the wound.
All the other guys in the van that came with us to show support for Roy were able to watch the OKC basketball game go into overtime on the lobby flatscreen. I'd say that was a pretty good win/win situation. And also Point 2.
This was supposed to be the end of the devotion and I would close with prayer. However, later that day I received Point 3.
Point 3 - Sometimes you need to stop and re-assess the situation. A good portion of Saturday was spent hand nailing OSB sheeting around the house that we had framed earlier in the day. I recall a few team members were clustered on one side of the house pounding away, Roy, Paul, Millie, Craig, Chris and Tommy. I must have been tired, as I totally missed multiple times, one particular nail I was trying to hammer. Tommy noticed and told me to stop, pause and re-aim the hammer. I did, and three strokes later, the nail was in. He also said that this should be Point 3 of my devotion.
And so it is.
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