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2014 Presentation and Video

As one of the last official acts for our trip to Oklahoma City, our team made a presentation to our supporters to let them know what we had learned and experienced while away.

The entire event coordinated by Millie, we enjoyed a lunch of pulled pork sandwiches from our supporters.

Chris MC'd as Lorin, Pam and Peter shared, with a guest appearance from Paul via video.

And of course, Gary's annual slide show

Thanks to Corbin for videoing the event.

Oklahoma Final Presentation from SGV Habitat on Vimeo.

2014 Slide show

We just had our presentation, one of the last parts of our trip to Oklahoma City. A video of the full presentation with testimonies and commentary will be coming soon, but in the meantime, enjoy the slideshow!

Gary's slideshows have been a welcome way to summarize our trip, as well as wrap up our presentation. It's amazing how he captures the spirit and milestones of our trip, those we meet, and those who send us.

This year didn't disappoint.

Thanks for your work Gary, and to think that you did this right after returning from a long trip. Thanks again!