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OKC 2015 Day 4 - 728 NE 84 Street

It's Deja Vu all over again..

We returned to an area that we worked on last year. Just one block away.

It was a new build, as opposed to rehab work that we've done the two days prior. Different leaders, different set up. When we arrived, it was just the framed walls. No sheeting, no trusses.

However there were two familiar faces, Jose and Adrian. Adrian was sporting the new COHFH t-shirts that we immediately wanted to order...

Virginia led us in a morning devotional about hearing God's prompting. She cited how, when in the midst of loss, it's often difficult to respond when others would tell her of God's promises.Virginia felt
God told her the word "Redemptive" and although even when she didn't "feel" that way, that her faith helped her hold on to that as a promise.

Eventually, she saw that God was redeeming the loss of her husband, Dennis. For her to be able to come on this trip, the ministry that her Dennis, late husband, started when he …

Okc 2015 walk around 3

Okc 2015 walk around 3:

Okc 2015 day 4 Walk through 2

Pam and gary

Back where we worked last year with Jose
Okc 2015 day 4 Pam Gary blue board:

Okc 2015 day 4 walk around 1

Okc 2015 day 4 walk around 1:


Gas is cheap!

2015 Day 3 - 26th Street

Morning Devo by MattMatt spoke about taking anything that might irritate us and pray about it.. God has given us the Holy Spirit to soften our hearts towards... and do you want to choose the change of heart that God has offered us. Because you have to choose it, in big and small things.

26th Street home
Rehab site, under the same Critical Home Repair program at COHFH. It was located 5 minutes away from Leo's, where we ate the night before.... A good sign...

We learned more about the CHR program, where the partner families have to put in sweat equity, just like any other HFH program. In this case it was from 40-60 hours, 20 of which have to be on another homeowner's home. We also learned about the budget... "Critical Home Repair projects typically cost just $3,000 to $5,000." The home we were working on yesterday, as well as today... Even with the free labor (us), would have to work pretty hard to stay under the budget allocated.

The home had a lot of water, rot and sto…
Okc 2015 day 3 walk around 3

Okc 2015 day 3 house walk around 2:

Okc 2015 day 3 morning walkaround


2015 Day 2 - Grand St

The day started out drizzly, but not as cold as yesterday. Pam's DevoPam shared about a new type of Bucket List, one where you don't focus on things you want to do before you die... which are typically achievements or experiences, but this "new" version is more about finding and listing ways to bless people. It's a much more God-centered and fulfilling (and self-centered) list.
Rehab work on Grand Blvd Today would be our first work with COHFH for this year.
Today's work was at the block 600 SW Grand Blvd OKC, OK 73109 through Habitat's Critical Home Repair program
Our site lead was Chris, working under Eric and another volunteer, Jeff. Today's task was several tasks: "The Great Door" : Tommy, Jeff, Art - reinforcing the threshold and replacing the main/great door
 Replacing outdoor siding: Lorin, Virginia, Matt, Shirley, Denise, Pam, Jeff and Gary - a tiring, dirty job of removing composite siding, revealing asphalt siding, then replacing it with n…

Okc 2015 day 2

Rehab work on 2 bedroom home OKC 2015 Day 2 walkthrough: 600 sw grand blvd, OKC, OK 73109

2015 Day 1-Triple R Ranch

Morning Devo and off to Triple R
The morning started with a hot breakfast of biscuits with two types of gravy (country and another with sausage), cinnamon rolls, oatmeal and some fresh and homemade dried fruit.

Chris did a devotional on hearing and responding to God's voice... and to have faith in the big picture...

A fifteen minute ride to Triple R ranch and it was deja vu all over again. A year ago, it was cold and rainy, but this time, we were able to work with Skip and the ranch.

We split up as three teams for three tasks:

Frank, Craig, Shirley, Virginia, Lorin and Chris worked on prepping a greenhouse. Moving pottery, soil and cinder blocks. They made work benches out of some metal shelving and cinder blocks, finding it crucial to remove mortar from the reclaimed cinder blocks, hence the chipping away.

Tommy, Kelly, Art and Peter cleaned up and painted a storage shed.

Gary, Paul, Denise, Jeff, Matthew, Pam worked on the "Eco House," which when we visited last year was just…

2015 Day 0 - Helping Hilltop

Having visited here last year, we were familiar with the setup at Hilltop Baptist. We knew Pastor Matt and we had even left some sleeping bags behind for their use.

Since we remembered them having some trouble with their wifi, and a good portion of our crew is technical, we offered to help them check it out. We brought our techy tools and some equipment as a contingency plan for the unknown problem.

Jeff found out pretty quickly that it was a misconfigured wire. A few minutes later, it was corrected and we had their wifi up and going on the gym side. Since we're in a rural area, they are limited with their high speed options. No fiber, not even cable, but instead have a wireless connection that is good for a limited number of people, but difficult for the church to share with their congregation.

So, it was nice to help them with our professional talents and some donated equipment, but the greater problem is high speed data to this rural part of OK

OKC 2015 Day 0 Recap Video!

Nice one Frank! You have to watch til the end.. :)

2015-Day 0:Commissioning, Send-off, a Birthday, Arrival

Most Evergreen Missions team get sent off with a Commissioning Service, where the team goes up before the whole church, their supporters (Missionary Support Groups), church leaders and church staff, go and place their hands on them to pray for them. It's mutually beneficial for the team and the church to make this a spiritual venture.

Yes, we're on a mission of mercy and relief for the OKC area, but as pastor Micah prayed for us, we were reminded of our effort to bring hope both practical and spiritual to the OKC area.

Commissioning Photo Album

Send-offUnlike our trips to Missisiippi, we no longer take red-eye flights, but our flight was near noon. So before a quick dash directly to the airport, a more in-depth prayer session before hitting the road, a quick photo, and we're off!

Matt's Birthday
As we were reminded numerous times, it's one of our teammate's birthday!

Pam went out and got a Nothing Bundt Cake beforehand, and it was presented to h…

2015-Welcome the Newbies

We have a few new people on the team, three of them having never been on any of our trips before. We thought we'd have them introduce themselves to you.

We'd like to introduce you to Virginia, Matt(hew) and Frank

Psst... note: 
Habitat for Humanity actually is a Christian organization... although it is open to anyone to volunteer or to receive housingSarge = KellyEl Guapo = TommyDenise and Paul will be joining us from MSExactly who is Matthew referring to when he says "Old People?" Hmmm... 

2015 Uh, Thanks Tommy...

Tommy just sent this email to the team..

Oklahoma City has had more tornado strikes than any other city in the United States.
117 hours until we’re in the air…Tommy

2015 Kid's church and message part 2

Too Cute not to share...
Being prayed for by the kids is an honor and a treat
Thanks guys!

Click to see Photo album of the day

Please Pray for our friend Mo

Mo, one of the guys that has been part of this ministry since the beginning, has branched out a bit with other projects that you have to think are inspired by his service in Mississippi as part of our team.

He's spearheaded our first Co-ed team, he organized several teams to the East Coast in response to Superstorm Sandy, and this year, he went to Asia to work with Steve O. on water treatment solutions for those in need.

During part of their visit in this country, Mo slipped and injured himself, fracturing his leg and requiring surgery. He also had an unrelated family emergency.

So we ask if you could remember Mo at this time, as he's about to head into surgery in a foreign country. Thanks for praying!

2015 Children's Message/Kid's Church

A week before heading to OKC, we participated in two time honored traditions at our home church, Evergreen.

Frequently, missions teams will present something during the kids' portion of our service. This year, Lorin ran our program both at the general service, and also the kids' church.

After doing the lesson, the kids gathered around and pray for the team members.

OKC 2015 Children's Message from SGV Habitat on Vimeo.