2015 Day 0 - Helping Hilltop

Having visited here last year, we were familiar with the setup at Hilltop Baptist. We knew Pastor Matt and we had even left some sleeping bags behind for their use.

Since we remembered them having some trouble with their wifi, and a good portion of our crew is technical, we offered to help them check it out. We brought our techy tools and some equipment as a contingency plan for the unknown problem.

Jeff found out pretty quickly that it was a misconfigured wire. A few minutes later, it was corrected and we had their wifi up and going on the gym side. Since we're in a rural area, they are limited with their high speed options. No fiber, not even cable, but instead have a wireless connection that is good for a limited number of people, but difficult for the church to share with their congregation.

So, it was nice to help them with our professional talents and some donated equipment, but the greater problem is high speed data to this rural part of OK

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