2015-Day 0:Commissioning, Send-off, a Birthday, Arrival


Most Evergreen Missions team get sent off with a Commissioning Service, where the team goes up before the whole church, their supporters (Missionary Support Groups), church leaders and church staff, go and place their hands on them to pray for them. It's mutually beneficial for the team and the church to make this a spiritual venture.

Yes, we're on a mission of mercy and relief for the OKC area, but as pastor Micah prayed for us, we were reminded of our effort to bring hope both practical and spiritual to the OKC area.

Commissioning Photo Album

Gary getting prayed for during service, click for the full album


Unlike our trips to Missisiippi, we no longer take red-eye flights, but our flight was near noon. So before a quick dash directly to the airport, a more in-depth prayer session before hitting the road, a quick photo, and we're off!

Matt's Birthday

As we were reminded numerous times, it's one of our teammate's birthday!

Pam went out and got a Nothing Bundt Cake beforehand, and it was presented to him at the airport


Our flight had a slight delay, and a temporarily inoperable lavatory, but we arrived to a cool, but humid OKC.

We reunited with Denise and Paul

Had dinner at The Garage
and headed to Hilltop Baptist, our home for the week.

The thunder rolled, and the lightning striked..
We heard from Pastor Matt about the strong storms they've experienced in the area, and we heard his gratefulness when he spoke. Another time where we hear Romans 8:28 being referenced.. here, at home, with the Thailand team.. there's something going on...

Everything has a reason, and it can work for good.

Here's today's (2nd) photo album and video !

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