2015 Day 1-Triple R Ranch

Morning Devo and off to Triple R

The morning started with a hot breakfast of biscuits with two types of gravy (country and another with sausage), cinnamon rolls, oatmeal and some fresh and homemade dried fruit.

Chris did a devotional on hearing and responding to God's voice... and to have faith in the big picture...

A fifteen minute ride to Triple R ranch and it was deja vu all over again. A year ago, it was cold and rainy, but this time, we were able to work with Skip and the ranch.

We split up as three teams for three tasks:

Frank, Craig, Shirley, Virginia, Lorin and Chris worked on prepping a greenhouse. Moving pottery, soil and cinder blocks. They made work benches out of some metal shelving and cinder blocks, finding it crucial to remove mortar from the reclaimed cinder blocks, hence the chipping away.

Tommy, Kelly, Art and Peter cleaned up and painted a storage shed.

Gary, Paul, Denise, Jeff, Matthew, Pam worked on the "Eco House," which when we visited last year was just four walls. Trimming out the ceiling joists, installed lighting and were the only warm, clean and dry team of the day.

The Ranch itself, is beautiful, and has horses, goats, alpacas and apparently frogs


It's cold. And wet.

It was low 50's today, and ranged from cloudy, cold and breezy to all-out storms that would appear in a matter of minutes.

Most of the team got soaked, except for the lucky Eco-House team. lucky lucky guys.

Devo and worship

After dinner, we had a time of evening worship led by Art and Pam, and Tommy's Devo on discipling

Most everyone on the team went to Custard Factory, to celebrate Uncle Roy's Birthday, even in his absence.

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