2015 Day 2 - Grand St

The day started out drizzly, but not as cold as yesterday.

Pam's Devo

Pam shared about a new type of Bucket List, one where you don't focus on things you want to do before you die... which are typically achievements or experiences, but this "new" version is more about finding and listing ways to bless people. It's a much more God-centered and fulfilling (and self-centered) list.

Rehab work on Grand Blvd


Today would be our first work with COHFH for this year.

Today's work was at the block 600 SW Grand Blvd OKC, OK 73109 through Habitat's Critical Home Repair program

Our site lead was Chris, working under Eric and another volunteer, Jeff. Today's task was several tasks:
  1. "The Great Door" : Tommy, Jeff, Art - reinforcing the threshold and replacing the main/great door

    Door Team
  2.  Replacing outdoor siding: Lorin, Virginia, Matt, Shirley, Denise, Pam, Jeff and Gary - a tiring, dirty job of removing composite siding, revealing asphalt siding, then replacing it with new siding
    Siding Team
  3. Drywall : Matt, Chris, Frank, Peter and Craig. Prepping ceiling drywall for bedrooms. Insulation and drywall on the back porch. And Craig/Peter's special plywood project, covering the floor of a closet.
    Rear bedroom in need of drywall
Chris (supervisor) moved up the ranks of COHFH, including a position as Volunteer Coordinator, to site supervisor, and along the way, marrying a HFH homeowner... He was proud that he had a very energy efficient home at a low percentage loan :)

The rehab work we did was rewarding and utilized our team well. Everyone was busy and either teaching, learning or figuring things out together....

Chris was enthusiastic, inclusive and focused on supporting our volunteer effort. He swapped stories and info with Paul and Denise.

Checking out alternate sites

After finishing our work, we prayed for the house, and headed for Church of the Harvest, to see if it would be a good fit for our housing in future trips. We're happy with Hilltop Baptist, and we love the staff, but some locations are closer to our work sites, saving us an hour of commute time..

The facility is enormous, well staffed and well equipped. The dorm rooms have triple stacked bunks and sleep.... wait for it.... 42 

42 Beds!

Leo's BBQ

After poking around Yelp, Jeff and Tommy settled on Leo's BBQ
As we pulled up, it looked much too small to handle us, but open the door, and see all the people, it was much larger on the inside than the outside!

Side Note: on a pretty regular basis, team veterans, Tommy, Art and Peter visit a BBQ place near Tommy's work in El Segundo. So to have them surrounded by their team members was an added bonus

As much as we don't want to admit it, Jeff picked a good place. Some of the best BBQ to be found, especially the collard greens (with beef brisket)!

It was a great way to wrap up a great day of work.

OKC Memorial

As a repeat for team members, and a new introduction for the newbies, we went to the OKC memorial.

It's a sad place to visit, but having the company of friends is helpful to share the experience.

OKC Memorial

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