OKC 2015 Day 4 - 728 NE 84 Street

It's Deja Vu all over again..

We returned to an area that we worked on last year. Just one block away.

It was a new build, as opposed to rehab work that we've done the two days prior. Different leaders, different set up. When we arrived, it was just the framed walls. No sheeting, no trusses.

However there were two familiar faces, Jose and Adrian. Adrian was sporting the new COHFH t-shirts that we immediately wanted to order...

Virginia led us in a morning devotional about hearing God's prompting. She cited how, when in the midst of loss, it's often difficult to respond when others would tell her of God's promises.Virginia felt
God told her the word "Redemptive" and although even when she didn't "feel" that way, that her faith helped her hold on to that as a promise.

Eventually, she saw that God was redeeming the loss of her husband, Dennis. For her to be able to come on this trip, the ministry that her Dennis, late husband, started when he arranged our first trip to do relief work in Mississippi.. was difficult, but she's holding on, and she sees so much truth to God's redemption of that loss.

I'm always touched when Jose takes off his hat when we pray. After our prayer, Jose and Adrian were quick to put us to work.

There were few distinctions among team members today. We all kept changing jobs, doing what needed to be done.

Sheeting and blueboard for the walls, and trusses.

Interestingly, we found that were we not there, that the four men that came with the truck would have had to unload the trusses themselves. Having 16 more people helped.

Tomorrow, should we return to the same site, will include sheeting the roof and securing the trusses.


We had a team dinner at Red Rock, where we invited our friends (and their families), past present and future... Eric and Chris from our first days here on rehab. Jose and Adrian were invited, but Adrian was unable to make it. Steve, who we met volunteering last year and Peter's High School friend, Aron were invited, but Aron was unable to attend.

Chris (Supervisor) was kind enough to give us some Habitat goodies... including some pins we've never seen before...

The food was good, but more importantly relationships really were made. It was so nice to interact and get to know our friends' and their families...


After dinner, we agreed to stop by Peter's friend's Aron. While visiting them, we checked out his storm shelter, had a chat and played some ping pong.

All in all, it was a great, tiring day!

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