Please Pray for our friend Mo

Mo, one of the guys that has been part of this ministry since the beginning, has branched out a bit with other projects that you have to think are inspired by his service in Mississippi as part of our team.
Steve, Peter, Tommy and Mo during the 2012 Mississippi trip

Art, Pam, Carol and Mo during the 2012 Mississippi trip

He's spearheaded our first Co-ed team, he organized several teams to the East Coast in response to Superstorm Sandy, and this year, he went to Asia to work with Steve O. on water treatment solutions for those in need.

During part of their visit in this country, Mo slipped and injured himself, fracturing his leg and requiring surgery. He also had an unrelated family emergency.

So we ask if you could remember Mo at this time, as he's about to head into surgery in a foreign country. Thanks for praying!

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