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OKC 2015 - May 6 tornado

Only a couple of days after we returned safely from OKC, a tornado hit the area

The Norman Hotel, near the University was struck

This hotel is between where we were staying and where we were working
(less than 14 miles from the church where we stayed)

Thanks team member Jeff for alerting us, and we appreciate you joining us in prayers for the region.

As one of our supporters said, we're hopeful that any of the repairs we performed will help put some people at ease in the storm.

OKC 2015 Day 7 - We're back...

We had worship services at Hilltop Baptist where we had been staying at all week, so our home became our house of worship.

After service, we had the usual problem of finding a place to eat that could seat us all.. and quickly.. so we ended up at Chicken Express, and yes, some do think that looks like a rubber chicken..

Then it was off to the airport, and heartfelt goodbyes..

And then the return to LAX for us, while the Waters made it home safely to Mississippi..

Thanks for all your support, and we'll update you when we're ready for the Presentation. It's currently scheduled for Sunday, May 31 immediately after the 2nd service at church (that's about 1230p)

Here's today's Photo Album

A mini video...\

and then.. your daily Recap

OKC 2015 Day 6 - 26th Street

Our last day on a work site for this trip.

We arrived to work at 8am, and were quickly reminded that we'd get to work with two things that bring us happiness.

a) we get to work on Margie's home
b) we get to work with other volunteers/partner families

Devotional Lorin's gave the devotional with the team and our fellow volunteers. Psalm 23, her life was a bit busy, and wasn't feeling an overwhelming amount of joy before the trip, because of all her activities... but she held fast to the promise that God refreshes our souls..
 and she found more peace.

Margie's home The return to Margie's home allowed us to finish up some of that we began. It was nice to once again work under Eric and Chris. We got more materials to finish up the siding, and we, as well as our other volunteers, prepared the site for painting.

Scraping old paint, removing rotting siding, painting good pieces...As well as a special project for Tommy.. repairing considerable water damage in the batht…

OKC 2015 Day 5 - 720 NE 84 Street

Yes, we're only a few houses away from the one we were working on yesterday.

But here's some news:

Almost all, but two (not sure if it's these two) are already sold. The community is pretty lively, and neighbors were walking around, visiting with each other, and were both concerned and friendly with us, both good signs.

Devo This morning, Frank, our team medic, spoke about bad fruit and good fruit, and whatever is inside of someone will eventual reveal their true nature.. so best to be filled with God's Holy Spirit so that your efforts will be fruitful and a blessing to yourself and others.

JobsWell, it was really more of the same as yesterday. We had a pretty good crew! 
Newbies Matt, Virginia and vet Pam went up on the roof to work with Jose (Site supervisor) on putting a roof on the place.. nailing down the osb onto the once-wobbly trusses.

The rest of us were working on soffits, insulation, preparing the walls for drywall and siding.

Everyone on the team remarks on how we…

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