OKC 2015 Day 5 - 720 NE 84 Street

Yes, we're only a few houses away from the one we were working on yesterday.

But here's some news:

Almost all, but two (not sure if it's these two) are already sold. The community is pretty lively, and neighbors were walking around, visiting with each other, and were both concerned and friendly with us, both good signs.


This morning, Frank, our team medic, spoke about bad fruit and good fruit, and whatever is inside of someone will eventual reveal their true nature.. so best to be filled with God's Holy Spirit so that your efforts will be fruitful and a blessing to yourself and others.


Well, it was really more of the same as yesterday. We had a pretty good crew! 
Newbies Matt, Virginia and vet Pam went up on the roof to work with Jose (Site supervisor) on putting a roof on the place.. nailing down the osb onto the once-wobbly trusses.

The rest of us were working on soffits, insulation, preparing the walls for drywall and siding.

Everyone on the team remarks on how well we get along and try to care for each other.

Was especially nice to see all three newbies up on some form of the roof... and one guy that had some issues with fear (oh, okay, it was in the intro video) went up into the trusses!

It was a hard day of work, and yeah, ahem, maybe a few of us (yours truly) ought to work to get into shape to throw those OSB sheets of wood up to the top level ...
 Since it was the last friday, per tradition, we didn't make lunches and ordered pizzas instead. was fun and a nice change of pace.

Uncle Roy's Bday

Uncle Roy typically is with us on this trip, but due to a family situation, was unable to join us on the mission. But his birthday is typically during the week that we come out to visit and work.

Since he was unable to be there, he prepaid our typical "Uncle Roy" dessert of frozen custard.
We sang happy bday into the camera for him...

Anyway, I am so sorry this blog can be a little gibberish, but we're falling asleep here as we put it together for you.. :)


Tomorrow's our last day on work site, and it's an early one.. we have to start at 8am. We're in the home stretch!

Pray for our bodies, minds and spirits to be able to last another day.

Here's some photos


Our recap video:

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