OKC 2015 Day 6 - 26th Street

Our last day on a work site for this trip.

We arrived to work at 8am, and were quickly reminded that we'd get to work with two things that bring us happiness.

a) we get to work on Margie's home
b) we get to work with other volunteers/partner families


Lorin's gave the devotional with the team and our fellow volunteers. Psalm 23, her life was a bit busy, and wasn't feeling an overwhelming amount of joy before the trip, because of all her activities... but she held fast to the promise that God refreshes our souls..
 and she found more peace.

Margie's home

The return to Margie's home allowed us to finish up some of that we began. It was nice to once again work under Eric and Chris. We got more materials to finish up the siding, and we, as well as our other volunteers, prepared the site for painting.

Scraping old paint, removing rotting siding, painting good pieces...As well as a special project for Tommy.. repairing considerable water damage in the bathtub area.

We got to hang out with Margie some more, and Chris' wife and kids came to visit us for the third time on our trip. They're so sweet!

Steven/Stephen/Estefan was a young boy, son of Olivia, a partner family. He was a young man in his middle school years. He stayed close to the adult men on our team, and it was sweet that he wanted to talk and hear stories, whether from the lives of our team members, or the bible, or anything else...

Kelly and Craig hung out with him all day, and it was really a touching way to spend the day.
Craig was even invited to his birthday party, but unfortunately, we won't be in town on that day.

Jeff got the opportunity to work with a young man, Collin, who is soon to follow us back to California, but for him, it's volunteering for the Marines at Camp Pendelton. Jeff was able to pray for him and bless him for his tour of duty.

After we said goodbye to our fellow volunteers, we donated to Margie some household goods, to give her a hand.
We prayed for her, and her home, and we took off.

Team including Collin, back row (3rd from right)

We went back to Moore, to visit the site of the school that was heavily damaged in the tornado a couple years ago, as well as the home we had been working on last year, and it was surprising how many homes had returned to the area.

7 benches with the names of each child that died

Plaza Towers Elementary School


Soon it was back home to dinner, devotional and debriefing.
It was very rich. People talking about things that happened over today (we can't tell what's going on in other parts of the house sometimes).

When we arrived home for dinner, we got reunited with Laura, who gave us an update on her physical health, but more movingly, told us about a recent retreat and how it impacted her spiritually. We got to share in her challenge for greater spiritual depth, as well as her joy in being with old friends. We prayed for her and blessed her

Praying with/for Laura


Then it was debrief time. One of our last times to recap as a group. Our last official meeting before our return, and time to reflect in the joys and any challenges that happened on trip.

It's been a good trip, and despite a very fluid and changing work schedule, one of our smoothest ones.

We return home tomorrow, sad to leave old and new friends alike, but glad to come home to familiar surroundings and family and friends.

Here's today's photo show!


Here's today's recap video
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