OKC 2015 Day 7 - We're back...


We had worship services at Hilltop Baptist where we had been staying at all week, so our home became our house of worship.

Pastor Matt: Good preacher, good guy

Pam, Art, Virginia, Shirley
Paul, Denise, Matt at service.

Pastor Matt and his wife Kimi came out to say goodbye and pray for us

After service, we had the usual problem of finding a place to eat that could seat us all.. and quickly.. so we ended up at Chicken Express, and yes, some do think that looks like a rubber chicken..

Then it was off to the airport, and heartfelt goodbyes..

And then the return to LAX for us, while the Waters made it home safely to Mississippi..

Thanks for all your support, and we'll update you when we're ready for the Presentation. It's currently scheduled for Sunday, May 31 immediately after the 2nd service at church (that's about 1230p)

Here's today's Photo Album


A mini video...\


and then.. your daily Recap
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