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OKC 2015 - Our final presentation

This last Sunday, May 31st, we had our final presentation. It's a time where our team members gather with friends and family to reflect on our trip. It's a nice time to remember that the whole church and supporters sent us, as well as a time to remember of God's goodness during our time in OKC.

Craig opened us up, and reflected on the 7 years in Mississippi, and two in OKC. Gave an overview of our trip, including team members and places we worked.

Chris did a great job talking about the OKC affiliate and how he was moved by our chance encounter with CEO Ann Felton Gilliland . She represented the affiliate, Habitat and OKC very well.

Frank shared of his experience, from his preparation, the trip and his reflections upon return. It was quite well worded and comprehensive. Gave us food for thought.

Tommy introduced a combined video from Paul and Denise who gave their thoughts from Mississippi.

INTERVIEW WITH PAUL from SGV Habitat on Vimeo.