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Paratus 14 50

Paratus 14:50 is a feature-length documentary on the United States Coast Guard's response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The story will specifically focus on Coast Guard air rescues carried out by Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans and Coast Guard Aviation Training Center, Mobile across southern Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi in the first two weeks of the response. These men and women helped contribute to pulling more than 33.500 people from the impacted areas; the greatest single rescue in our nation's history.

It's on air over the next few days on PBS

Worth recording.
Very humbling

Difficult decisions for the rescuers often having to choose who would live or die.. who would be airlifted out and who would have to wait longer for potential help.

10 Years This Week

It's been 10 years since Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.

10 years ago, there were buildings that stood and people that lived in Mississippi and the Gulf Coast region, that are no longer there.

As a church, we wanted to reach out and help the area. Dennis Cho was the leader of that first team, and I thank him and the rest of the SGV leadership that chose Biloxi MS as the site for our efforts. Through the years, people would often refer to us as the "Katrina" team, and sometimes mistakenly, the New Orleans Team, for we served those first seven years in Biloxi MS.

Biloxi didn't seem to get as much press as New Orleans. But the damage there was much more sweeping and bore the brunt of the storm itself. The damage in New Orleans was often the result of failing man-made levees. We would see firsthand how the shallow waters of Biloxi's picturesque Gulf Coast would provide little shelter from a category 5 hurricane. Homes and enormous structures were moved blocks from their …