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OKC 2016-Our Return Video

Our Return Home
Hilltop It's always fitting and bittersweet to end our trips on a Sunday. We begin our day with worship at Hilltop. It's nice to be part of a church here. Matt's preaching is solid and challenging, but you also see how a community church reaches out to its neighbors.
They presented gifts and recognition to the 3 High School graduates they had, they promoted a car and motorcycle show they plan in the next few weeks, so you saw how they cared both inward and outward.

Lorin and Laura Lorin met up with Laura, as she's been emailing since we met her three trips ago when we first started staying at Hilltop. They caught up, and Laura gave Lorin a custom shirt she had made with "Team Lorin" printed on the back. Lorin also received some artwork from one of the children at Hilltop

The Greenwoods Joyce and Robert joined us for worship. This was all part of our growing cultural experience. Robert was there to present Art with his bolo tie, in response to Art'…

OKC 2016 Day 5 - Last day at Greenwood's

Wow. We're done with the job site.

What a week and what a way to end it out.

Started the day at 8am at the Greenwoods home..

John did our devotional at the job site, sharing our time and message with Chris and the Greenwoods.

Robert looked extra dapper today, he was kind enough to take his friend to a funeral. Bunch of the guys liked his outfit and wanted to take a picture with our friend

Paint Paint and more paint

Team went to work painting all the trim

Jeff took on the task of cutting new cedar decorative "exposed beams" to replace the damaged ones we/he took out on our first day there

We worked on the baseboards and crown moulding for the new room, and painted the siding that had been installed in front of the once-garage. And we installed an attic ladder

Also, we saw that their TV had been sitting on a stand, so for earthquake safety, we asked if we could mount it on the wall

Storm Shelter
Coming from California, many of the team hadn't seen a storm shelter before, so the G…

OKC 2016 Day 5 Walkthrough of the Greenwood home

Walkthrough with Chris H from Habitat

Okc 2016 Day 4 recap new and improved's your day 4 recap with bonus footage...

Okc 2016 day 5 on site devo

OKC 2016-Day 4 Recap Narrative :)

Going back to the Greenwoods!

Devotionals: Sorry guys, they're so good, can't share 'em!

Morning: Bu
Bu shared from his heart about trying to raise and encourage his kids in things, including basketball, but realized he really should be encouraging them in the growth the Lord has for them. Was very personal and very touching. So much so, I felt we had to preserve his privacy. It encouraged us more to look for God's movement in people even more than what we want/see for them.

Evening: Chris C
Chris shared about his family, and what it's like to have kids.. and how sometimes there can be communication disconnects on both sides, the parents and the kids... was honest and personal. And then he applied that to his personal relationship with God.. that often he's too busy asking/talking and not listening enough. His examples were personal.. and yes, so good.. but too much for public sharing..

He ended with us spending a couple of minutes in silence, trying to "hear&qu…

OKC 2016 Day 4-Two Recap videos!

Uh okay 
This is embarrassing... Gary is taking care of his family, and editing these videos faster than I'm able to tell you what's going on! :)

Day 3 and Day 4 recaps are live!

OKC 2016 Day 3-Return to Greenwoods and Team Dinner

After a very interesting and team reflective devotional by Roy/Tommy... 

we headed out the door to drizzly rain, heading back to the Greenwoods

Basically split into three teams

Craig, Jeff, Lorin, Patrick, 
Removing the temp OSB we put up yesterday and putting up a window.

Finishing up insulation, then...

Drywall/mudding what we could (leaving one wall exposed near electrical until the inspector came, and then we could seal the walls up, and yes, we passed inspection)

finishing up front door and back door locks (Peter obsessed on flipping the orientation of the key for the back door)
Putting up a screen door and trim on the front door

Interior Doors
Chris, Lorin, Denise and (often) Roy working on replacing interior doors to the bedrooms, closets, etc.

They got to use some new tools that made hanging them a little faster, but still, was a tough fit for some of the doors.