OKC 2016-Courtney, Amy, & Will Brackin

Courtney, Amy, & Will Brackin

 A Note from our leader, Craig

Chris and Craig thanking the Brackins for their generosity

Less than two hours after our arrival in Oklahoma City, the Lord demonstrated his goodness to our team.  Who knew that a team dinner at a fast-food fried chicken dinner restaurant in Moore, OK would lead to the first God moment of our trip.
As I entered the door to Chicken Express, I heard the voice of a man at a nearby table.  Since I was the last one to enter, he had seen our entire team invading the small ordering area and he quickly asked "Are you guys a team?"  I politely responded "Yes, we are from a church in Los Angeles here to work with Habitat for Humanity."
"Well, that's nice of you folks.  So, are you taking a week of vacation to come here and help?"
"Yes.  It's something we've been doing for a couple of years now.  We first came two years ago after the large tornado hit this area."
"Are you a church group?"
Courtney introduced himself, his wife, Amy, and their son, Will and immediately I knew this was not an accidental meeting.  I noticed that Courtney got up from the table but didn't think anything of it.  I made small talk with Amy about tornadoes and how their family was been affected by the most recent storms.  Courtney returned and stated that he had attended conferences for a few years at a prominent church in southern california, and shared that his family attended a small church in Norman, OK called Wildwood Church.
I said "It's nice to meet you folks" and thanked them well.  "God bless you, Courtney, Amy, and Will."  Before I left, other team members made their way to their table.  "Thank you so much" was the repeated phrase.  I had no idea why but I soon discovered that Courtney had paid for our team dinner.  What a wonderful blessing it was to receive this gift as a blessing from brother to brother.  More importantly, it was God's way of telling us that He was present and taking care of us.  I am grateful to God for this moment.

Thank you, Courtney, Amy, and Will for you generosity and thoughtful welcome to OKC.

Courtney, killing us with kindness, with Jeff

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