OKC 2016-Day 1 (non habitat day)

Day began with a morning devotional from Jeff regarding servanthood. He mentioned how serving others and blessing others should be our main motivation. He took note his most recent example was from his wife, days before he left, as she really took care of some of their shared responsibilities, allowing him to prep for the trip.

OKC Memorial
We went down to the OKC Memorial. A trip we have made every time we visited, but this was the first time that we were able to have time enough to go into the museum.

It was a moving experience for the team, and really helps you keep in perspective what the park outside the museum represents. The museum takes you through the tragedy of that day at a very personal level.

Actual artifacts from the blast

Then it was a lunch, returning to Leo's BBQ from previous years.

RRR Ranch - "Triple R" Ranch

Having met and worked with Skip on our previous trips, we accepted his invitation to come and visit. 

We got a tour of the rabbits, really big quail and "pasture" chickens (more free than free range)

On previous trips, we were impressed with his vision for building a site for retreats and people to recover. But at that time, we had encouraged him to take a sabbatical so he could find God's focus and calling on his big plans

Pam asked him what came out of that sabbatical. 
His answer was unexpected.

He felt as much as this was a good work, and continues to grow and thrive both spiritually and practially.... that he felt God was emphasizing tending to the "widows and orphans," and he realized his ministry was much closer to home and heart than he realized. His wife's mother was a widow... and Skip felt called to go to Texas and tend to her. So after much thought and prayer, he has decided to downsize and sell RRR Ranch to go to Texas and care for her.

(Editor's note: as impressed as I've been with Skip in the past for the plans he's had and the work he's done, choosing this humble path is the thing that makes me admire him most)

Okay, back at the church. We're back at the church and about to tackle the sorting of the clothes and items for sale. 

Items of note: 

  • Tuesday will be our first work day on the site, maybe a new build, we'll see...
  • Tuesday evening, Pam/Art will be visiting Pam's relatives in a suburb of OKC
  • Tuesday evening, some of the team will be visiting with Aron and Ronit's family, Peter's relocated friends from LA, and will be attempting teaching Ronit how to cook Kosher Asian dishes. We'll bring the Asian part, Ronit will teach us about the Kosher part

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