OKC 2016-Day 1

After our visit to RRR Ranch,

the majority of the team sorted out all the clothes and items for the church's sale.

(sorry, will have more photos later)

Hilltop Baptist is trying to raise enough funds to build a playground with equipment on the church property, but open to the public.

Evening meeting
Afterwards, there was a time singing/worship and teaching. 

Singing was led by John, and teaching David. His teaching regarded trying to serve others, especially, in areas where are often uncomfortable for us. 
David's strengths and comfort zones are typically teaching people, but chose to serve the kids' Vacation Bible Camp by cleaning their bathrooms. Because it was a practical way to serve the kids, but and he wanted to grow in areas that would cause him to stretch.

John leading worship and Lorin

David sharing

Afterwards, we jumped in the vans for an annual tradition, Frozen Custard with Uncle Roy. But we forgot that it usually means it's Frozen Custard courtesy of Uncle Roy... 

His generosity might outweigh his steadfast commitment to treat us to dessert. Either way, he won and treated us all.

Thanks Uncle Roy!

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