OKC 2016 - Day 2, at the Greenwood's

First day at the Greenwood's

Morning Devotional
Morning started with Patrick's devotional on how our ways are not necessarily God's ways.. and even in God's economy, the last shall be first and the first shall be last...

Good thing to keep in mind as we head out to do the second (and possibly last) project of our trip, a Critical Home Repair project at the home of the Greenwoods., just South East of downtown OKC.

Rehab/Critical Home Repair
We were converting a garage into another space for the family, and upgrading doors.

We got to work with Chris, a friend and site supervisor from previous years, and he put us to work.

Two teams worked on the front and rear door, respectively, the rest of the team did demo(lition) work in the garage to take off some decorative beams that had rotted and gotten moldy, and to make room for the new walls

After the walls had been demo'd, insulation was laid in, and the walls were prepared for an inspection hopefully tomorrow.

In the meantime, on the front of the house, these enormous "beams" were removed due to rot, but also to give a more updated look.

A hole was enlarged in the ceiling to allow for an attic ladder. Unfortunately, in her efforts, Lorin had some things fall through the ceiling, including insulation and glass items. She wasn't injured, and Patrick helped her clean up.

The majority of the team constructed the new wall (where the garage door once stood) and prepped it for tomorrow's work.

First Baptist Church
We love Hilltop Baptist Church, where we've been staying for the last 3 years.

But we feel it's our responsibility to make sure that we're choosing the best option that is available to us.

So today, we toured and dined at First Baptist Church of OKC. It's a beautiful church with a large gym atop the 4 story building. The church has decreased in size over the years and has a large facility that it's trying to utilize. Since the OKC bombing, and later tornado tragedies, 

JFK sat in this pew!

The gym is enormous
We got to meet some nice folks there and appreciated the facilities. We'll see what the future holds. It's hard to say because, we love Pastor Matt and Hilltop.

While the group was getting our tour, whenever there was an opportunity to sit, most of them did. They're hard working, and they're tired :)

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