OKC 2016-Day 4 Recap Narrative :)

Going back to the Greenwoods!

Devotionals: Sorry guys, they're so good, can't share 'em!

Morning: Bu
Bu shared from his heart about trying to raise and encourage his kids in things, including basketball, but realized he really should be encouraging them in the growth the Lord has for them. Was very personal and very touching. So much so, I felt we had to preserve his privacy. It encouraged us more to look for God's movement in people even more than what we want/see for them.

Praying for Bu before giving his devo....where he wrote notes on a paper plate :)

Evening: Chris C
Chris shared about his family, and what it's like to have kids.. and how sometimes there can be communication disconnects on both sides, the parents and the kids... was honest and personal. And then he applied that to his personal relationship with God.. that often he's too busy asking/talking and not listening enough. His examples were personal.. and yes, so good.. but too much for public sharing..

He ended with us spending a couple of minutes in silence, trying to "hear" from God.. was good, and different than doing so by ourselves....

As sad as I am not to share, wanted you to know that part of the good of this team is the depth of honesty they seek. Both within themselves and with their faith.

Good men and women all.

Okay, back to the task-oriented stuff:
Started out the day drizzly and cloudy...
Went to the Greenwoods, ready to work.

Chris praying for our day

Basically, everyone went to continue/further their projects.
Interior doors, including the bathroom one. Since the house has only one bathroom for all occupants (and us while we're working there) we had to make sure everyone was warned that it would be off limits while they were changing the door.

Back door and doorbell were finished

Siding on front of once garage-now wall with a window

Chop girl was in full effect

Majority of the team was finishing up drywall work/mudding and then Chris (site guy) put up a textured coating on ceiling and walls. We waited an hour and then went to work on the trim. Window trim

Things that may not make sense:

-Chris (site guy) gave us Tshirts and some "chip clips" for snack chips. That's what Roy is wearing on his cap.

-There is a grid like thing some people were working on. Denise discovered some of the HVAC intakes had old/dirty filters. We bought new ones, but they had to be custom cut to size.

-Tommy was talking with Joyce and found out that she wanted the backyard to be a safe area. He climbed into the tree (via a ladder) to cut down some branches that were precarious

- We make our lunches every morning and bring them to site.. Today we forgot half our lunches at the church, so had to run to Sonic to feed ourselves

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