OKC 2016 Day 3-Return to Greenwoods and Team Dinner

After a very interesting and team reflective devotional by Roy/Tommy... 

we headed out the door to drizzly rain, heading back to the Greenwoods

Basically split into three teams

Craig, Jeff, Lorin, Patrick, 
Removing the temp OSB we put up yesterday and putting up a window.

Finishing up insulation, then...

Drywall/mudding what we could (leaving one wall exposed near electrical until the inspector came, and then we could seal the walls up, and yes, we passed inspection)

finishing up front door and back door locks (Peter obsessed on flipping the orientation of the key for the back door)
Putting up a screen door and trim on the front door

Interior Doors
Chris, Lorin, Denise and (often) Roy working on replacing interior doors to the bedrooms, closets, etc.

They got to use some new tools that made hanging them a little faster, but still, was a tough fit for some of the doors.

Chop Girl open for business
And then, Chop Girl opened for business. A common power tool we use is called a Chop Saw, where you raise and lower the circular saw in a "chopping" motion. Pam has been doing most of our chop work, where we can just yell "1x4, 38 and a half, heavy" and she cuts up exactly what we requested (a piece of wood approximately 1"x4", cut to 38-9/16" length)

She's great at this job, but also someone (I think it might be her) created a little open/closed sign for her.. It was very endearing.

It was very sweet of our hostess/homeowner to buy us donuts today. It was an unexpected surprise!

We returned home for fast showers and out for our Team Dinner. This year, with our two site supervisors, Jose (and his son) and Chris (and his family)

Chris was able to share what's been going on in his life, and Jose chatted and got closer to the people at his table.

Chris' family was adorable and we all felt at home with them.

At the end, we were able pray for Jose's continuing effort in education and leadership.

Praying for Jose

Okay, long night, some people are doing laundry (TMI)
so in the words of Chop Girl...

Oh, and almost forgot, we had posted a photo/instagram with Uncle Roy (with his permission). He had fallen asleep, and some of the team wanted to take a picture with him, as we had in previous years. Jose (who really likes Uncle Roy) saw this, he wanted in on the action.

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