OKC 2016 Day 5 - Last day at Greenwood's

With Joyce Greenwood and her son Brent 

With Joyce and Chris Hearns in the back.

Wow. We're done with the job site.

What a week and what a way to end it out.

Started the day at 8am at the Greenwoods home..

John did our devotional at the job site, sharing our time and message with Chris and the Greenwoods.

Robert looked extra dapper today, he was kind enough to take his friend to a funeral. Bunch of the guys liked his outfit and wanted to take a picture with our friend

Paint Paint and more paint

Team went to work painting all the trim

Jeff took on the task of cutting new cedar decorative "exposed beams" to replace the damaged ones we/he took out on our first day there

We worked on the baseboards and crown moulding for the new room, and painted the siding that had been installed in front of the once-garage. And we installed an attic ladder

Also, we saw that their TV had been sitting on a stand, so for earthquake safety, we asked if we could mount it on the wall

Storm Shelter
Coming from California, many of the team hadn't seen a storm shelter before, so the Greenwoods were kind enough to let us take a peek

Fry Bread
By this time, we really felt like we were helping out a friend who needed some work done on their home. Miss Joyce had mentioned she wanted to make some fry bread for us on our last day, but we didn't want to impose... but this was the second time on this trip someone had treated our entire team to a meal. 

This was the best fry bread! Someone on our team had to be held back from getting his fourth serving, and they were big!

Miss Joyce's hospitality and warmth was remarkable

Gracious Greenwoods
Later in the day, we met Brent, Joyce's son, who came to greet us, but also to bid us farewell.  We chatted with him for quite a while and found much in common in cultural experiences between Asians and Native Americans. There seemed to be a high value in both cultures for honor, respect and courtesy. 

So much so, that we found that Brent's presence, and even our fry bread lunch was part of their culture, to thank us. And it might have been an insult to deny Joyce's hospitality. So weird, because our asian side wants to not have people go to any inconvenience on our part.... :)

Art was complimenting Robert on his bolo tie, saying he rarely had no occasin to wear one... but little did he realize that Robert would offer it to him. Seriously. I just realized that Robert was dressed for a funeral. So of course that would be one of his nicest

Robert and Joyce will be joining us for church at Hilltop on Sunday, specifically to give it to him.

They are a very gracious people, both their tribe, and their specifically, their family

We prayed for the house and the Greenwoods and Chris H.

And yes, you might see it in some videos, we prayed for our own Chris too. He had hurt his ankle on Monday, and re-injured it in the last hour of today.

John wrapped in Saran Wrap to hold the ice in place, which was reminiscent of our first year in Mississippi when Tommy wrapped Peter's shoes with shrink wrap

Okay, that's it for now, enjoy the recap video!

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