OKC 2016-Our Return Video

Our Return Home

It's always fitting and bittersweet to end our trips on a Sunday. We begin our day with worship at Hilltop. It's nice to be part of a church here. Matt's preaching is solid and challenging, but you also see how a community church reaches out to its neighbors.

They presented gifts and recognition to the 3 High School graduates they had, they promoted a car and motorcycle show they plan in the next few weeks, so you saw how they cared both inward and outward.
Praying for their graduates

Lorin and Laura
Lorin met up with Laura, as she's been emailing since we met her three trips ago when we first started staying at Hilltop. They caught up, and Laura gave Lorin a custom shirt she had made with "Team Lorin" printed on the back. Lorin also received some artwork from one of the children at Hilltop

The Greenwoods
Joyce and Robert joined us for worship. This was all part of our growing cultural experience. Robert was there to present Art with his bolo tie, in response to Art's compliment. Prior to the presentation, Art checked with Joyce if there was anything special he should do in response, she said a gracious response was all that was necessary.

I pulled Joyce aside, saying I was a little hesitant to compliment her and I didn't know how their culture handles appreciation vs gift giving. She suggested that I say "that's a beautiful watch" is less complicated than "I like your watch"

The generosity and sharing attitude of the Native American/American Indian reminded Craig of parallels with the Hawaiian people... and how they too had given much away when being visited by outsiders.
Presented with the tie by Robert, Art graciously accepted and we prayed all together with Matt and Mike from Hilltop.

S & B Burgers
We went to S&B Burgers, another good find from Pam/Jeff/Tommy, for food and fellowship. It started settling in that this would be the last meal as a team, and specifically with Denise and Paul.

Shakes are pretty good here, yes, that's a toasted marshmallow on the "S'mores" shake

Our last meal together
We arrived a bit early, but it gave us time to chat. We prayed for Denise and Paul, and some tears were shed as we bid each other goodbye. 

Our flight home went well, we met some folks along the way, and we landed at LAX, having a quick team meeting before we went out to baggage claim.

Our friends and family came out to greet us, Jeff's kids made some signs for him, and they received the gifts he had picked up while out in OKC

It was a sweet return back to home, but part of our hearts were still out in OKC. The newbies were now "vets" and we all knew a bit more about crown moulding, American Indian Culture, Kosher practices and God's hand in all we do.

We'll be posting the photo libraries, and info on our presentation coming up in the next few weeks.
Thanks for your support!

Thanks Gary, once again for a great video

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