OKC 2016 Sendoff

Today we left LA, with a sendoff from our church, Evergreensgv.org

It begins with a commissioning/prayer for our team at church, then a mini-sendoff after service where each team member is prayed for by supporters


Good news and bad news
Nice sendoff from people who drove us to LAX, everyone pretty much made it on time. Then security. Stood in line, and then a TSA terminal broke down, so it took some reorganizing and a lot of walking, but we got on the plane with 15 minutes to spare.

Arrived at OKC

Who was waiting for us at baggage claim?
Paul and Denise, our (previous) Habitat site supervisors from our visits to Mississippi, now good friends, who have joined us on their TIME OFF, to work at Habitat in OKC!

Got the cars and ran over to our first meal in OKC, at chicken express in Norman.

While we tried to figure out just how many gizzards and livers our group would eat.. (don't worry, we got regular fried chicken stuff too), Craig was talking to a family that was dining...

(note: Craig will be supplementing with a little more detail later)

Feeling humbled by someone's generosity

But, when our cashier was checking over our order, Pam pulled out the team credit card, and the cashier said "No, your dinner is being paid by that gentleman" (pointing over pam's shoulder). We turned around and started chastising Uncle Roy for his generosity... 

Roy said it wasn't him.

It was the fellow that Craig was talking with.

He had gone up to the cashier and paid for our dinner.

We were dumbfounded. And humbled.

We thanked him and later, we prayed that we would be able to receive favor, as well as use it as an example to bless others, wherever we find them.

We showed up at hilltop, and tomorrow will be sorting through their items for a flea market sale, raising funds for a playground they hope to buy.

Home sweet Hilltop Baptist Home!

Okay, going to sleep, and sent Gary some videos to see if he can make some sense of them!

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