OKC Day 1-Teamwork makes the ... team work...

This is a personal note from the editor.

Originally schedule to be on this trip, Gary is staying at home, to tend to some family matters. As much as he's pretty important to us, we can always have another team member pick up his responsibilities, but there's only one husband/father/etc. for a family. He made the difficult and correct choice.

However.. Gary's also a computer guy. So am I. 

I'm a private computer consultant, and when I'm away on mission or other travel, need to have people cover for me when I'm gone.

Gary's got us covered
It's worked out that Gary's been covering and participating with our team even from home!

We're uploading videos that we're shooting, and he'll try to edit them from home.

But also, I've had some clients that needed someone on site today, and Gary drove out to take care of them.

His participation on the team, even from LA, is much appreciated. It helps me be at ease knowing someone's got my back, and being a team member is even better.

Thanks guy!
Gary on left

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