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OKC 2017-Support Letter

Thanks to everyone that's been supporting us in prayer and donations. 

Once again, it's not so much that we are asking for donations, each team member is contributing some of their own funds, and our church helps make this team happen.

It's really to let others partner with us, especially if they're unable to join us (physically) on the trip. We believe God could rebuild these homes with or without our help, but if we get the opportunity to participate, we're trying to jump at that opportunity. So we extend that invitation to you as well.

We also hold ourselves accountable to those who support us, and we prayerfully make decisions on how we use our resources.

So if you want to partner up with us, feel free to read the support letter below, and commit to pray for the team, or if you want, you can support us financially as well.

If you wanted to see a copy of our support letter, it's available via this link

Meet our Team-Kevin L (and our last meeting in Calif)

Roz, attentive at our meeting
 It's still a few weeks away, but with Easter and all the activities surrounding it, we had our last team meeting before we leave for OKC. We went over our itinerary, packing list, and had a round table discussion exchanging tips we've learned over the years.

Miss Shirley's Gofundme Chris C has been corresponding with our site supervisor from COHFH, Chris H. The tentative plan for our work week in OKC is 1 day on new construction (with Jose H) and 4 days on a Critical Home Repair project that Evergreen SGV will sponsor.

We will be sponsoring the home of Shirley S who lost her husband to cancer last year. COHFH has set up a GoFundMe page for her ( if you want a little bit more information. The money raised here along with the funds from Evergreen SGV will go towards the much needed repair work on Shirley's house.

Support Groups Each team member has a small support group to support them mater…

Meet Our Team-Brandon L

Brandon's joining us for the first time, while has been coming to Evergreen more than most, but some on the team were part of Evergreen before Brandon was born. Yes, we've got an age range....

Hello, my name is Brandon Lum and I have been coming to Evergreen SGV my entire life. I have always had a heart for missions during my adolescent years, but never came across the right opportunity.  Craig Kakihara, the OKC team leader reached out to me, and I immediately knew that this was the Lord presenting the right opportunity for me to serve Him. As I look forward to my first missions trip, I am anxious, yet excited. Some of my anxiety arises from trying to be perfect at everything I do. I want to do the best I can for the Lord, but it is human nature to fall short of my own expectations. I ask that you would pray that I find joy not only in my hard work, but also in my shortcomings, knowing that the Lord is pleased no matter what transpires.  Our Lord is a God who hea…

2017 OKC Kids' Church

Kids' ChurchVirginia taught about what we'll be doing in OKC, and how the kids could partner with us and pray for us.

"Auntie" SundayA., the main teacher, did things a little differently this year. She wanted the kids to remember our names, so they could pray for us while we're gone. That meant that each team member would have a word associated with their name and do a hand motion. We weren't prepared. It was pretty hilarious, and exhausting. One of the team values is "be flexible," I guess it starts now.

After the intro, the kids prayed for us. It's always a sweet time. Pam said that one year, one of the kids prayed that the sharks wouldn't be a problem for us in OKC. As far as we know, the prayer came true.

Virginia teaching at Kids' Church

Meet Our Team-Kevin T

We're glad to have newbie Kevin T with us this trip. Hear of the interesting circumstances that allowed for him to join us this year.

We appreciate his faith, transparency and humility, and are honored to be praying for him during the trip.

Watch his video below

OKC 2017 Children's message and Kids' church

Children's Message

At Evergreen, part of our service specifically addresses the kids.

Our team got the opportunity to share today. Roz led the time, and asked some questions of the kids, and of the team too. 

Immediately after the Children's message, we went to the Kids' Church room, where some of the younger kids in our church have their own special service.

Click on the photo to see the photo album

Meet Our Team-Jimmy L

We're glad to have Jimmy aboard for the first time, and he'll be helping shoot video this year. His love for basketball seems to be confirmed with his "signature" at the end.

Hi, my name is Jimmy Lee. I'm married to Sherry and we have four children who keep us young: Zachary, Dylan, Kaitlyn and Hannah. We've been attending Evergreen for about three and a half years. We are thankful for the kindness and friendliness we've received from the people of the church.  It has made our transition very easy.
Praise God for my very first missions trip! I've wanted to go in the past, but things did not work out for various reasons. This time, my schedule and commitments were all aligned to enable me to go. This is the year! This trip is an opportunity for me to love God by loving others.I am excited to be able to bless someone through our team's service. Also, I am looking forward to spending time and serving side-by-side with fellow Evergreeners.
Please pra…

Meet Our Team-Alice L

Alice La is the second newbie we're featuring and will be assisting with photography and blogging while in OKC. She also happens to be engaged to two-year returning John.
Alice- 1) Why did you decide to go on the trip this year? I decided to go on the trip after hearing good things about serving from my fiancĂ© who attended last year. Thought it would be a good opportunity for us to serve together before our wedding in November. I am curious to see how we would serve as a couple and how that would change as we grow. 
2) How long have you been going to Evergreen? I have been going for 3 years now. Sometime in 2013. Advice for a newcomer: do whatever you need to get plugged in- join a branch, choir, a ministry, serve, ask questions about everything! I'm afraid it won't come easily, but stick to it at least for 3 months. Then you will quickly find 3 months has become 3 years! 
3) What can people pray for you on your trip (a concern or hope you have)? I'm afraid of flying…

Meet our team-Roz

As we return to Oklahoma City (OKC), we welcome a few first-timers, or newbies, as we affectionately call them. Roz Endow is one of our two women newbies, and jumped at the opportunity to help the team by organizing our Children's message, where we speak with the children of the church.Hi, this is Rosalind (Roz)Endow. My husband,JohnandI, have been coming to Evergreen for about 6 years now. I'm a 56 year old mother of four college ageandup children. I am a part time dental hygienist. I spend most of my free time studyingandpreparing to lead my BSF group. Last year I felt the Lord prompting me to go on mission but I had my excuses. I felt I was too old, I had never been on mission beforeanddidn't know what I would be getting myself in to, the timing wasn't right because it was during the BSF studyandI didn't want to miss a class,andI couldn't afford the timeandexpense.  This year the Lord wanted me to go despite my excuses so I appliedandleft it in His hands. By…

2017 OKC Team begins

Patrick, Kevin T,  Jeff, Randy, John, Kevin L
Alice, Virginia, Art, Jimmy, Craig Tommy, Peter, Lorin, Chris, Brandon, Pam, Roz
We're getting ready...
We're heading back to OKC and we've got a few newbies.

Kevin T, Jimmy, Kevin L, Brandon, Alice L and Roz are first timers
Randy Gee's returning for his second trip...

Looks like a good year!

We'll be leaving two weeks after Easter, and our commissioning will be happening on April 23rd. We'll have more info and introductions to our new members