Meet Our Team-Alice L

Alice La is the second newbie we're featuring and will be assisting with photography and blogging while in OKC. She also happens to be engaged to two-year returning John.


1) Why did you decide to go on the trip this year?
I decided to go on the trip after hearing good things about serving from my fiancĂ© who attended last year. Thought it would be a good opportunity for us to serve together before our wedding in November. I am curious to see how we would serve as a couple and how that would change as we grow. 

2) How long have you been going to Evergreen?
I have been going for 3 years now. Sometime in 2013. Advice for a newcomer: do whatever you need to get plugged in- join a branch, choir, a ministry, serve, ask questions about everything! I'm afraid it won't come easily, but stick to it at least for 3 months. Then you will quickly find 3 months has become 3 years! 

3) What can people pray for you on your trip (a concern or hope you have)?
I'm afraid of flying, a recent development ever since my last trip to IHOP One Thing Conference in Kansas City. Hoping that I'll have no fears and just enjoy it! Also praying for a window seat to relax my fears... *hint towards OKC core*...

I'm curious how God will use my creative talents for this trip to express what this Missions trip is really all about. I want the folks back home to virtually be there with us. Many members says that it's more of a service mission than it is about getting people to come to God. So it would be a new experience to being the hands and feet of the Lord rather than direct evangelism like I am used to. Hope everyone can find time to take a look at the blog that I will be contributing to and become part of the OKC team from home base.
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