Meet our team-Roz

As we return to Oklahoma City (OKC), we welcome a few first-timers, or newbies, as we affectionately call them. Roz Endow is one of our two women newbies, and jumped at the opportunity to help the team by organizing our Children's message, where we speak with the children of the church.
Hi, this is Rosalind (Roz) Endow. My husband, John and I, have been coming to Evergreen for about 6 years now. I'm a 56 year old mother of four college age and up children. I am a part time dental hygienist.
I spend most of my free time studying and preparing to lead my BSF group. Last year I felt the Lord prompting me to go on mission but I had my excuses. I felt I was too old, I had never been on mission before and didn't know what I would be getting myself in to, the timing wasn't right because it was during the BSF study and I didn't want to miss a class, and I couldn't afford the time and expense.  This year the Lord wanted me to go despite my excuses so I applied and left it in His hands. By His grace my application was accepted and it is my prayer to experience Him, on mission, glorified in ways I have never seen before. God is faithful in calling me to go to OKC as He has provided by sending me with an experienced group, some in my generation, some with little experience like me and many friendly and familiar faces. I am looking forward to new blessings and stretching of my faith as I step out of my comfort zone. 

Please pray for me to be a good listener and to learn new skills quickly so I may be useful. Pray for me to have a gracious attitude no matter how tired I get or what I am asked to do. Pray for my love for the Lord and my fellow missionaries to increase and for me to decrease. I know God has plans for me this year at OKC and look forward to glorifying Him and for blessings through my obedience. 

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