2017 OKC Kids' Church

Kids' Church

Virginia taught about what we'll be doing in OKC, and how the kids could partner with us and pray for us.

"Auntie" Sunday A., the main teacher, did things a little differently this year. She wanted the kids to remember our names, so they could pray for us while we're gone. That meant that each team member would have a word associated with their name and do a hand motion. We weren't prepared. It was pretty hilarious, and exhausting. One of the team values is "be flexible," I guess it starts now.

After the intro, the kids prayed for us. It's always a sweet time. Pam said that one year, one of the kids prayed that the sharks wouldn't be a problem for us in OKC. As far as we know, the prayer came true.


Virginia teaching at Kids' Church
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