Meet Our Team-Brandon L

Brandon L

Brandon's joining us for the first time, while has been coming to Evergreen more than most, but some on the team were part of Evergreen before Brandon was born. Yes, we've got an age range....

Hello, my name is Brandon Lum and I have been coming to Evergreen SGV my entire life. I have always had a heart for missions during my adolescent years, but never came across the right opportunity.  Craig Kakihara, the OKC team leader reached out to me, and I immediately knew that this was the Lord presenting the right opportunity for me to serve Him.
As I look forward to my first missions trip, I am anxious, yet excited. Some of my anxiety arises from trying to be perfect at everything I do. I want to do the best I can for the Lord, but it is human nature to fall short of my own expectations. I ask that you would pray that I find joy not only in my hard work, but also in my shortcomings, knowing that the Lord is pleased no matter what transpires.  Our Lord is a God who hears our prayers, and I am confident that His plan will come to fruition this year in OKC. 

In reading Brandon's intro, was led to reflect on this post from five years ago, was reminded of this post and how the men (and women) had grown...

In Brandon's intro you can see his maturity and humility at a relatively young age.

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