Meet our Team-Kevin L (and our last meeting in Calif)

 Roz, attentive at our meeting

 It's still a few weeks away, but with Easter and all the activities surrounding it, we had our last team meeting before we leave for OKC. We went over our itinerary, packing list, and had a round table discussion exchanging tips we've learned over the years.


Miss Shirley's Gofundme

Chris C has been corresponding with our site supervisor from COHFH, Chris H. The tentative plan for our work week in OKC is 1 day on new construction (with Jose H) and 4 days on a Critical Home Repair project that Evergreen SGV will sponsor.

We will be sponsoring the home of Shirley S who lost her husband to cancer last year. COHFH has set up a GoFundMe page for her ( if you want a little bit more information. The money raised here along with the funds from Evergreen SGV will go towards the much needed repair work on Shirley's house.

Support Groups

Each team member has a small support group to support them materially and spiritually for the project. This has always been helpful to be a sounding board for the team member, plus making sure that logistical and spiritual needs for the individual are uniquely met.

Meet Kevin L

After the meeting, Jimmy was able to shoot video on our last newbie, Kevin L. We welcome Kevin aboard the team. Impressed that he was able to talk off the cuff without any warning.

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