OKC 2017-Support Letter

Thanks to everyone that's been supporting us in prayer and donations. 

Once again, it's not so much that we are asking for donations, each team member is contributing some of their own funds, and our church helps make this team happen.

It's really to let others partner with us, especially if they're unable to join us (physically) on the trip. We believe God could rebuild these homes with or without our help, but if we get the opportunity to participate, we're trying to jump at that opportunity. So we extend that invitation to you as well.

We also hold ourselves accountable to those who support us, and we prayerfully make decisions on how we use our resources.

So if you want to partner up with us, feel free to read the support letter below, and commit to pray for the team, or if you want, you can support us financially as well.

If you wanted to see a copy of our support letter, it's available via this link

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